A few examples of logo design we’ve come up with for our clients  – mouse over the image to scroll through these examples, or click on the image to enlarge. Click here to speak to our clients for references or testimonials.


What we’ll do when designing a logo for you:

  • Spend some time with you discussing the history of your company
  • Find out what your company does
  • Discuss who the logo will be directed at
  • Establish how and where the logo will be used
  • Ensure the logo fits in with your company’s image and corporate colours
  • Ensure that an element(s) of what your company does is carried into the design
  • Undertake research to see if it doesn’t clash with any existing logos
  • Create different versions for different applications
  • Technically format the logo for use in different applications
  • Consult on how to protect the copyright and reproduction of the logo
  • Provide you with the source files for any further development
  • Produce a guideline document on how to use and position the logo (Optional)

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