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Cheap Websites - "We just want something simple"

Thinking that "something simple" equates to "Cheap" isn't realistic. Websites these days are not simple. Any business owner who's tried to setup their own "Free" cheap websites to save money, has probably learned this lesson well. A website that's going to assist your business in making money and appear in top search results takes time and effort to develop - whether it's a "simple" four page site or online e-commerce portal. How a website is built, who builds it, what technology is used, how the site is maintained will ensure that your site will perform at its best, for a long period of time and ultimately pay for itself. Having a web partner who has a vested interest in seeing your site succeed and who'll assist you in the process, is invaluable in the long term.

Website excellence doesn't necessarily mean expensive (or does it?)

Trying to be a website developer, or SEO guru for that matter, will probably waste your time, and when running your business, time means money. Whether you use a SAAS (Software As A Service) website builder provided by GoDaddy,, Site123 or, it's going to take time to master these systems, and you'll probably find that they don't fulfill all the requirements needed to get your site onto the first page of Google. Whatever option you choose, understand that there are ongoing costs when running a website. Ask us how to build, and maintain your website properly - at an affordable monthly fee.

Cheap Websites - Be aware of what you're buying (Picture)

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