Google’s Mobile First Index

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2018 was Google's Mobile First Index year

Will your website measure up and comply in 2019?. Google has improved it's user experience by indexing mobile-enabled websites first. This means if your website is optimised for mobile devices, you’ll rank well on both mobile and desktop. But, if your site doesn’t perform well on mobile, it will negatively affect your rankings on either platform. Think of your site's pages on the 5th page of search results (Yes, it's scary).

We're happy to say, all the latest websites we've developed and maintain, have been indexed in Google's Mobile First Index and are mobile-friendly. Further more, our clients who've invested in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) have seen their sites well-positioned on the first page of Google Search according to the keyword(s) setup for those searches.

Want to see if your website's pages are indexed for mobile? Log into your Google Search Console, navigate to the "Mobile Usability" section and click on the "Valid" tab (Click to view the accompanying image on this page).

Looking to get your site into Google's Mobile First Index? Contact us.

Google's Mobile First Index - Does you website comply?

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