Hypertext Transfer Protocol & SSL Switch Over

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This offer is only available to Marketing Services clients who are using WordPress with hosting outside of Google. Clients using Google sites, please read this article.

Secure my site with https

How much is this going to cost me?

It takes approximately 2 hours @ R450 per hour.

Total Cost: R900.00

What do I get with https?

  1. Peace of mind that your site is secure to your visitors.
  2. Better search engine visibility / ranking.
  3. A free WordPress https plugin.
  4. A free SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) on your web server
  5. Updating of your Google My Business profile.
  6. Updating of your social media business pages info.
  7. Google Analytics account switchover to https.
  8. New Google Search & Bing Webmaster Tools accounts (Setup for https).
  9. Google / Bing verification of your domain.
  10. Resubmission of your sitemaps for inclusion into both search engines.

Read the full list of what's required for your https switchover.

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