Investing in a website – Is it worth it?

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Investing in a website - What are your options?

Knowledge will save you money - educate yourself before investing in a website - we consult and advise not only on building websites, but also on how to make your website perform at its best. Arm yourself with the right questions and check list before launching your online presence. Book a basic meeting or full consultation with us to discuss your options.

The right website technology for the job

WordPress is the leading, open source website, CMS (Content Management System) in the world today, due to it's amazing features. This unfortunately makes it a target for attacks, which in turn creates the need for it to be continuously improved upon and updated (Which is done by thousands of contributors globally). Search engines will flag and de-rank sites that are unhealthy, have been hacked, are unsafe or are slow to load. Using compatible themes and plugins that are user-friendly, are coded well and have good after sales support, goes a long way in increasing the health and visibility of your site. If you choose to take over the management of your website, there are a great deal of online tutorials and user forums, offering tips, support and videos on how to create, edit and update your website at any time.

Investing in a website - Ask questions before making a decision

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