Is Web Design Dead?

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Is Web Design Dead?

With mobile-first search in mind, we've got to ask ourselves - is web design dead?. Mobile friendly design means something else: “Websites that are responsive (that adapt to both desktop and mobile) will get preference over sites that aren’t”.

Responsive websites cascade or, "flow" a layout differently when viewed on mobile devices, effectively changing (or collapsing certain parts of) the design you see on desktop. This is done to give the viewer a quick, automated, user-friendly view of your website.

A responsive site doesn't necessarily mean it is optimised for mobile, there are other factors that make a site suitable for mobile ranking and some pages on your site may need to be accelerated in front of other less-important pages.

Testing via Google’s mobile-friendly test isn’t always accurate. Google’s Search Console gives a clearer picture (and a detailed view) of issues it may find as errors and, at least provides the option to resubmit the uncached versions of the pages in question. Judging from the feedback on the latest Search Console, the jury is still out whether its is doing its job properly.

So, is web design dead?. Looking ahead into 2019, website design seems to be on a path of over-simplification, keeping animation, heavy loading scripts, sliders, videos and images to a minimum. A good question to ask yourself when designing for mobile is this - “how much time do I have, to wade through (or wait for) content that doesn’t give me the answers I searched for?”.

Is Web Design Dead? - Mobile-friendly web design 2019

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