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Why is Email Marketing so important and viable?

While many believe using emails for marketing purposes is waning in popularity, the opposite is true:

  • 72% of adults in the U.S. say they prefer email as the preferred means of communication from the companies they deal with.
  • 91% say they’d like to receive promotional emails to keep them in the know.
  • 73% of businesses believe email marketing is a primary part of their marketing efforts.
  • 25% of businesses believe email marketing is a top channel for return on investment.


With more than 200 million emails sent out every minute of every day, it’s hard to ignore the potential of using the medium.

One must note – care needs to be taken in reaching the right audience who’s interested in your communique (and providing content that is relevant to them). An introduction to new potential customers need to be put in a way that doesn’t smack of spam or desperation and, must give the recipient a definite way out if they choose to do so.

On the home front – Make sure your Digital Email Marketing can be tracked, have analytics built in to extract usable data, or give you the option to create segmented recipient databases. Armed with these aspects you’ll be able to effectively manage, grow and retain your receipient base, while owning a relatively cheap vehicle to carry your marketing messages.

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