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Compliance online - how it affects your business


Search Engine Online Compliance (SEOC)

Online Compliance* is the foundation for all your subsequent digital marketing efforts, and should be providing you with added value, atop your advertising spend. Sadly, it's the most neglected part of online development and Digital Ecosystem Management. You can't "Out Advertise" compliance - so why not make it work for you?

Imagine you've built your physical shop with substandard materials - especially the foundation. All looks good when you move in and customers start visiting...

you may even make a tidy profit at the start, but pretty soon you'll need to start spending money on cracks in the floor, unstable walls, doors that don't close properly, plumbing that's leaking through your ceiling...

Word of mouth (Organic Online Search**) is powerful. If news spreads that your store (website) is dodgy, customers will stop visiting -eventually no one (Search Engines) will bother mentioning your business at all. You'll also have to start spending more on advertising to tell people you exist.

Search Engine Online Compliance ensures that your store is healthy, that your business is seen by search engines to be legitimate, that you are behind the counter serving your customers, and that you are an authority in your industry. Artificial Intelligence Algorithms are built specifically to check compliance, index and rank your efforts online, failure to provide them with the right information or certification, will negatively affect the value of your ad spend and ultimately, your bottom line.

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*Not to be confused with Corporate Compliance Training, but may be seen as a similar process for websites to comply with the rules of organic search engine optimisation, indexing, ranking and authority.

** “70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results”. (MarTech, 2018) Source:

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