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Our SEO Blog South Africa has been setup to attempt to demystify Search Engine Optimisation for small and medium business owners. There are thousands of sites (explaining in technical terms) what SEO is. Phrases and words are bantered around from an industry insider perspective, but is largely misunderstood by the sole proprietor or small business owner who, is expected to invest in it. Some SEO practitioners purposefully try to keep their clients in the dark. In our experience, those clients who we've educated, have increased their spend and work more effectively with us (and us with them), to the benefit of their organisations.

Many of our new clients have had to rebuild their websites due to unknown facts and issues that were either; withheld from them when they launched their online presence or, the person developing the site didn't understand the complexities of web development. These days, websites have to be compliant in order for them to work effectively with all applications and platforms connected to them. So it makes sense to build your website according to global standards for peace of mind and hassle-free management. Of course things will change, but having a solid online foundation, will avoid headaches in future. Click on the articles below to read more, or give us a call.

Free Website Assessment Tools

Want the Free Website Assessment Tools? Click to jump to section Before you start: SEO and Digital Marketing what’s the difference? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and … Read More

Search Engine Online Compliance

  Search Engine Online Compliance (SEOC) Online Compliance* is the foundation for all your subsequent digital marketing efforts, and should be providing you with added value, … Read More

Is Web Design Dead?

Is Web Design Dead? With mobile-first search in mind, we’ve got to ask ourselves – is web design dead?. Mobile friendly design means something else: “Websites … Read More

Investing in a website – Is it worth it?

Investing in a website – What are your options? Knowledge will save you money – educate yourself before investing in a website – we consult and … Read More

Cheap Websites

Cheap Websites – “We just want something simple” Thinking that “something simple” equates to “Cheap” isn’t realistic. Websites these days are not simple. Any business owner … Read More

Webmaster Services Website Maintenance

What is Webmaster Services Website Maintenance ? Anyone who’s built a house will understand the need for ongoing maintenance and security. Website Maintenance is no different. Imagine … Read More

Google’s Mobile First Index

2018 was Google’s Mobile First Index year Will your website measure up and comply in 2019?. Google has improved it’s user experience by indexing mobile-enabled websites … Read More

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