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SEO Why do you need it? – SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “on-page”, “free,” “organic,” “editorial” , “natural” or “paid-for” search results on search engines”.

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Basic points to consider when planning your website & SEO


(1) Domain Registration and Transfer

Please note that certain domain registrars outside of the environment may charge additional transfer fees, regardless of the annual fee being paid up to date.

Click here to check which local domains are available.
Click here to check which international domains are available.


(2) Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn or Other Online Advertising Platforms

Please peruse the Google Adwords website for more information on how to drive more traffic to your website.


(3) WordPress Premium Templates and Premium Support

There are many free WordPress themes available online (and some of them are brilliant), however, not all of them carry full support. Our paid-for templates carry full 24/7 support. If an issue on your website is encountered or you require custom coding, it can be addressed quickly by qualified professionals who developed the template.


(4) WordPress Software & Website Maintenance

Why should your website be regularly maintained? – Click here to read more…


(6) Ability to Expand Website

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which can be updated from anywhere, any time, from any device via an internet connection.

WordPress Features Include:

  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design – Adapts to any mobile device’s browser view (Read why this is important)
  • Open Source Software – No licensing fees.
  • Extensive Expansion via Plugins – Can be expanded upon into any form, including e-commerce and other functionality.
  • SEO Integration – Plugs into almost all SEO platforms. What is SEO? – Read more.
  • Social Media Integration – Real time live feed from Facebook onto your website.
  • World-leading Online Development Tool, with largest market share (51%)Read: Over 28.2% of all CMS websites on the Internet use WordPress.
  • WordPress is constantly updated and developed by thousands of developers around the world, this ensures your site is protected, improved and kept up to date with latest technologies.


(7) Google and Bing Integration

Read more about Google’s Webmaster Tools and Bing’s Webmaster Tools.


(8) Google Business and Google Maps

Read more about Google Business and Google Maps.


(9) Analytics and Website Traffic Reports

Analytics and Traffic reports delivered to your email address every month. Read more about reports.


(10) Free Business Listings.

Why are business listings important? – Read more.


(11) Managing Your Website / Tutorials

Our websites come with free, easy-to-understand, comprehensive online tutorials. This can be accessed at any time to assist you in updating your website yourself.


SEO Why Do You Need It? – Let us assist you in sucessfully setting up, managing and maintaining your SEO. Call us on 074 192 8454 or email us here.


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