Websites, SEO and digital marketing should work seamlessly together.

Marketing Services is a two-person, freelance web development duo, who specialise in Websites, SEO and Digital Marketing. We build online business marketing ecosystems to create value over and above your ad spend. Our services cover:

A website is no longer simply a brochure placed online, forgotten, and expected to attract customers.

With search engines seeking out fresh, new, relevant information to serve to online users, it's important that your online presense, very much like a brick and mortar business, uses the latest technologies, is kept up to date, maintained and continually adjusted to meet global compliance standards.

Organic Marketing

Roughly, 16 to 20% of all Google searches are completely new - and it makes perfect sense. Not only are new technologies, products and services appearing online every day, but as humans we each have our own way of doing (and saying) things. How we investigate and discover is always changing. If a person can’t find what they’re looking for from the outset, they’ll simply change the way they’re asking, dig deeper and expect a search engine to provide them with different results. Read more: 2019 Organic Traffic Stats.

While organic marketing relies heavily on SEO and in-depth, rich content, there are other means of capitalising on emerging, new search criteria. Whether you’re initially exposing your brand, wanting to consistently position it in a specific manner, improving your ranking scores or matching your pages to specific search queries - increasing your organic traffic is at the forefront of our marketing efforts. Approximately 50 to 60%% of global website visits come from organic traffic, with over 40-50%% of revenue captured through that traffic. Social and paid search on average, accounts for only between 5 to 10%. Read more: Eye opening stats about organic traffic.