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Our clients are based in South Africa, Spain, The United Kingdom, Botswana and The Netherlands. They trade within and across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, such as telecoms, advertising, marketing and media, recruitment, training, FMCG and retail, events, manufacturing, professional services, chemical, property, construction, education, financial and utilities. 

For references  from the owners of these companies, please email us to get in contact with them directly.

Client testimonials and reviews.


“I run a high-end brand and communications agency and have been in the industry for over 25 years. During this time I’ve learned a lot about SEO and digital marketing, but not enough to implement it. Over the years we’ve worked with several providers who offered this service, and I often was left feeling that they knew only a little more than I do, and their results were underwhelming.

Marketing Services has shown a deep, and honest, understanding of the technical aspects of SEO. Dedicated, reliable, and free with sharing their knowledge, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with them.

Most importantly, in a week since republishing our newly SEO’d website, our enquiries have increased significantly”.
Louise Cunningham, Halo Media UK.

“Awesome service from Michael and team. You saved my life with one of my clients and went beyond of what was required to get their site back up. I can definitely recommend Marketing Services for all your website needs”.
Jacques Swart, Resolve Tech.

“I use Mike for all the jobs I have no capacity for because I know he’ll deliver on all of them, like he always does. This gives me the ability to offer all my clients a comprehensive digital-marketing plan, whether it’s email marketing, online advertising or social media”.
Gavin Davidson, Magnetism Agency.

“Marketing Services, has done a fantastic job of setting up our website, both from the design aspect AND from the optimisation and SEO aspect. It has been a revelation to learn from them and understand the depth of knowledge required to get our optimisation right. I am glad to have  our website as a vibrant part of our marketing strategy. I have no hesitation in recommending”.
Kevin Heydenrych, Tyton Productions.

“Mike assisted us by rebuilding our website and also providing advice and support with our social media.  I found him to be professional and prompt at all times and have no hesitation in  recommending him for similar work”.
Spencer Watt-Pringle, GCSat Botswana.

“I’ve been using Marketing Services over the past 5 years. I’m extremely happy with their professionalism and attention to detail. Mike is always eager to help. I would recommend them to anyone”.
Busi Khubeka, Twenty14 Printing.

“Always professional, aways helpful, and very reasonably priced. I recommend them whenever an opportunity arises”.
Graham Taylor, Brand Industry.

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Current clients

Services we provide/provided to our current and previous customers include web design, website implementation, website maintenance, web hosting, SEO, online advertising campaigns, social media management, graphic design, email campaign management and/or consulting.

Past clients